The history of hand-sewn shirts.

hand-sewn shirts the cultural heritage and traditions are passed on from the long period of tribal Mukdahan Thailand. Unique indication of the lives and prosperity of cultural refinement and artistic calligraphy, effort, patience, and reflects the lifestyle of people in the past. Everything will be transmitted out of ideas. The traditional pattern is not much. Uses improvisation with fibrous And to develop the concept of beautiful modern designs. Sewing by hand will be transmitted to and will continue to develop from generation to generation.

Initially garment to wear will not be sewing technology. And facilities like today. Finding clothes to start cultivation of horticultural farming, Villagers to grow cotton in the cotton fields and the task is to weave a blanket of color. Used are dyed with natural dyes. The cotton is dyed with indigo or dyed with an ebony. Color is a dark suit to work hard to merit the fabric used for various usages. The use of silk, which people will Sericulture then be woven into cloth. Ground such as a shirt bags are sewn by hand. The same colors are dyed a natural color, but it will come out in a beautiful color. By virtue of the nature of the bark in the farm fields of their own.

Currently the shirts are sewn by hand will be lost if we do not preserve the cultural traditions it. Because of technological advances people want convenience and fast way of living. Sewing shirts by hand, be careful work, take on tailoring several days. Not worth the time to go down. If compared with other methods of sewing. Cut out by hand to reflect the delicate craft. Pattern on the cloth is beautifully conveys the delicate natural. And difficult to have people who are skilled in sewing which is not much. Current Mukdaharn province are campaigning for people in the province have been using cloth woven and sewn by hand. All departments have to cooperate as well. Thailand made product. Woven and sewn by hand is a popular favorite of people who have seen. Development of community conservation campaign to restore the province’s new attention and use. Coat sewn by hand more. Teaching young people to appreciate the value of the shirt, sew by hand. By an unknown nature. That is all around. Recognize the nature Applicable to everyday life, such as the introduction of the indigo ferment until tender. Indigo dyed water and bring to whites. It is navy blue or dark blue. Is inherited. Intellectual culture since ancient times. To date. Fabrics dyed with indigo to smell when worn to absorb toxins from the body and is popular with people in the local community. Both at home and abroad. In the fermentation of the indigo. Or dyed with indigo. It is rare nowadays. It requires persistence, patience in making the youth of today do not have the wisdom these. It will be the oldest in the village, only to see the importance in this regard. And continue later, but was left with very little. Fabrics dyed by hand, so it became difficult to find and quite expensive. In addition to the indigo. In ancient times, people have used the bark as natural dyes dyed cotton fabric. Make it colorful and popular, such as removing the bark from the forests and mountains of the dyed cotton is a beautiful golden yellow. When the woven fabric is a favorite of those are pretty common. There are also other types of trees such as mango bark is a light pink to yellow eggs, wool, inviting the spectator is extremely beautiful.

We have developed a shirt sewn by hand in the shape. So beautiful durable coloreds. And more time wearing supercargo. And international standard level. By bringing the lining fabric to use for a longer time. With elegance for the wearer. Pattern inserted by the unique patterns of the original. Which is basically the same color. And still use natural dyes to dye the same. The embroidery will be adapted according to the wisdom of the local people. Reflects lifestyle. Art of the previous generation continued until the present generation. Should maintain and preserve it better. To woven hand dyed with indigo to start sewing. Woven dyed with natural bark, leaves that are around us. Has partnered with Thailand forever as long as possible