The legend of Thai Cotton dyed in bark

The legend of Thai traditional weave of the cotton cloth is the high value legacy of Mukdaharn province. The best and its glamour is shown in their cotton cloth, This handmade product, soak in Clay over 100 years

Wisdom of naturally dyed cloth (cloth fermented mud). 

Amphur Nong Sung Mukdaharn province. Described as a first group and the group with the traditional methods used to ferment the fabric before dyeing natural mud. Weaving cotton and silk cloth piece is handmade.

To dye the color of natural wood products, preserve the natural environment to remain forever. The fabric is made to be ferment clone color and to color the fabric to make beautiful and durable. Natural color bark or heartwood of various colors is different.

Natural dyeing.

Bringing the raw materials of plant, animal and mineral were stained with cotton yarn then be woven into cloth, show the color and beauty to the canvas as a local heritage since ancient times to the present. Both are so popular both in Thailand and foreign residents.

Benefits of fermented in mud or clay.

The color is long-lasting. Chemical free. Iron and magnesium results in a darker color. The clothing will be able to drive toxins from the body. Wisdom is more valuable.

Production process